Reporting Fraud

Hotlines are the #1 source of tips for fraud identification.

Fraud is an epidemic that harms a company’s revenue and reputation. On average, companies lose 5% of annual revenue to fraud in the workplace. Early detection of unethical behavior safeguards your business and bottom line.

Veritas proactively manages and protect your business with robust fraud management plans. We prioritize the prevention, detection, and remediation of fraud and unethical behavior in organizations.

One of the best defenses against fraud is your employees. As the eyes and ears within your organization, employees are the first to observe questionable behavior. Providing a secure method for fraud reporting gives businesses an opportunity to get ahead of potentially harmful situations.

Empower Their Voice with Verifi

The difficult decision to speak out against the wrongful actions of a co-worker is challenging. Our Verifi hotline is a secure, easy method for employees to report workplace fraud and unethical behavior.

Verifi is a safe and confidential way to report unethical behavior.

  • Unlimited Access: Our confidential fraud reporting hotline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Individuals also have the option to submit reports online through the Verifi portal.
  • Anonymity: We provide callers the option to remain anonymous, adding a layer of comfort and protection for each individual.
  • Target Audience: Any individual associated with your business (employees, vendors and customers) can report concerns of suspected fraud, unethical behavior, and misconduct. With viewpoints from every angle, you can have a strong pulse on your operations and any potential threats.
  • Non-Retaliation: Employees disclose their observations free of retribution with our Verifi reporting system. We protect individual’s identities, treat calls with the utmost confidentiality, and follow-up with participants to confirm they have not experienced any retaliation.

By offering a third-party resource like Verifi, employees can easily report suspicions without fear of retribution. Veritas accumulates the information shared in a summarized report and provides organizations recommendations for next steps.

Take preemptive measures to protect your business. Contact us to implement a Verifi hotline at your organization.