Insights into DETECTING Fraud

Companies that choose proactive fraud risk management maintain a competitive advantage above their peers. The average organization loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. Financial losses range from embezzling millions to pocketing the petty cash.

Veritas recognizes that fraud risk is a reality all organizations must face and combat. We solely focus on the prevention, detection, and remediation of fraud and unethical behavior in the workplace.

Our approach means you have the undivided attention of fraud experts who proactively monitor and manage fraud triggers, from personnel actions to insufficient internal controls.

We provide industry insights that benefit you:

  • Reports: An effective anti-fraud program includes a confidential hotline for reporting questionable behavior. We install and monitor Verifi, which aids in the early detection and prevention of fraud. Learn more about our reporting capabilities through Verifi here.
  • Seminars: Establishing an anti-fraud culture and promoting fraud awareness at your organization serves as an effective prevention technique. The seasoned professionals at Veritas share their industry expertise through various training, seminars and speaking engagements. Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Veritas is your dedicated partner for fraud prevention. Undetected fraud wreaks havoc on business stability, but we put a hedge of protection around your business.

Contact us to receive an assessment of your anti-fraud initiatives.