Our Approach

Proactively preventing fraud is our first line of defense against potential threats. We work tirelessly to monitor and protect your business, freeing you up to focus on your growth and long-term success.

Fraud Management

As technological advances continue to change the way businesses are run, strong risk management programs are essential. Veritas is your ultimate provider for the prevention, detection and remediation of fraud.

We counteract fraud by:

  • Implementing a Verifi hotline for employees to report unethical behavior
  • Completing internal audit services to uncover any discrepancies
  • Introducing tighter controls to close operational gaps
  • Creating anti-fraud awareness through training and seminars
  • Examining ethics violations to determine potential threats

We resolve fraud by:

  • Completing thorough fraud examinations to discover the underlying source
  • Offering quick, efficient remediation services to restore operations
  • Conducting forensic accounting to assess damages and control gaps
  • Providing litigation support for any legal repercussions
  • Developing a plan to strengthen operations and awareness moving forward

Above all else - Veritas is dedicated to circumventing fraud in the workplace. We specialize in creating robust fraud management plans. Our singular focus means you receive expert, professional service to manage any instance of fraud.

Contact us to see how our approach makes a difference for you.