Diligence with every threat of fraud.

Undetected fraud causes significant damage to company finances and reputation. Fraud is committed by all kinds of people and endangers an organization’s ability to achieve success.

If fraud concerns surface at your business, Veritas experts thoroughly investigate each claim. We focus on immediately securing your business against losses.

Investigating Fraud

Revealing the source of potential fraud requires diligence. At Veritas, our fraud examinations are discreet, detailed and provide minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Our comprehensive and objective internal investigations include:

  • Record and evidence examinations
  • Internal audits and interrogations
  • Forensic accounting and asset tracing
  • Computer forensics and data recovery
  • Damages and loss calculations
  • Surveillance

Veritas uses forensic accounting and internal audit services to uncover any discrepancies and unethical behavior. The investigation is thoroughly reported to document all findings and prepare for litigation, as needed. Our legal professionals specialize in remediation services to resolve fraudulent activity.

We help prevent future occurrences by implementing a fraud reporting hotline for employees to privately disclose any unethical behavior they have observed. The Verifi hotline gives employees anonymity to comfortably share any tips that may uncover fraud.

As a third party service, our team provides an unbiased, qualified investigation that leads to the source of the threat. Effective fraud investigations give management insight into troublesome situations and an opportunity to remediate the concern, potentially averting an additional investigation by the government.

Effective Fraud Management

Proactive monitoring and auditing ensure that a company is protected against unnecessary loss. Prioritizing a robust risk management program gives your business an essential foundation with secure controls and procedures.

Safeguard your business. Contact us to get started.