Preventing Fraud

Fraud and unethical behavior find their way into businesses every day. Too often, organizations don’t take action until the behavior is discovered and already impacting revenue.

Fraud prevention takes diligent oversight and management. Studies reveal that fraud is often committed by trusted employees. Ensuring that you have consistent controls and monitoring techniques in place helps protect your business against potential losses.

Fraud Services

Verify your organization is on the right track with fraud management from Veritas. We use proactive measures to protect your company against financial loss and reputation damage resulting from unethical behavior.

Rely on our thorough processes to prevent and deter fraudulent activity. Services include:

  • Internal-control assessments and audit services that integrate enhancements
  • Implementation and monitoring of your (low-cost!) reporting hotline to give employees a voice
  • Pre-employment background screenings to identify quality candidates
  • Fraud and ethics training (CPE-eligible) to coach employees and create awareness
  • Fraud risk and security assessments to identify early warning signs and operational gaps
  • Board assistance to help with fiduciary responsibilities and provide tools for strong corporate governance

Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners are dedicated to strengthening your business. We partner with you to provide reliable solutions and advice to protect against fraud.

Safe, Secure Hotline

Employees have a pulse on the daily operations in your organization. Many times, fraud is first detected by those closest to the source - a fellow employee.

We provide your team a safe, secure outlet to confidentially share workplace concerns without fear of retaliation. With our Verifi reporting system, employees report observations of questionable behavior online or by phone. Individuals may choose to share their identity or remain anonymous.

Veritas implements and consistently monitors the hotline for your company, giving you reassurance that potential issues are addressed immediately.

Proactive Approach

Take measures to protect your company against potential losses, before it happens. At Veritas, our fraud management services offer early detection techniques, a secure hotline, and company training to safeguard your business.

Enlist our help before a situation arises. Contact us to get started.