Remediating Fraud

Veritas helps organizations swiftly respond to fraud with minimal disruption to business operations. Our experts act sensitively and decisively to quickly rectify the misdemeanor.

Our remediation services address all facets of fraudulent activity.

Internal Investigation

Our Certified Fraud Examiners complete a thorough investigation to gather all evidence and documentation related to the incident. Through forensic accounting, internal interviews and audits, our experts uncover the unethical behavior and operational oversights that led to the fraudulent activity.

If damages resulting from fraud require litigation services, our professionals specialize in fraud-risk resolution and legal proceedings.


Honest communication to impacted parties promotes open dialogue and trust in the company’s management of the event. Veritas provides talking points to guide management through communications with the wider employee population.

Remedial Action

Veritas quickly and efficiently rectifies the situation with little disturbance to business operations. We immediately stop the behavior, administer the appropriate discipline, and focus on process improvements to prevent further occurrences.

Our team reviews the relevant control breakdowns, examining root causes that led to the unethical behavior. Certified fraud examiners recommend processes to enhance controls and mitigate future risk.

Your organization also has access to continuing education through various seminars
and training offered by Veritas. Offering continuing education deters misdemeanors and promotes an anti-fraud culture.

Veritas expertly manages each instance of fraud, stopping further damages and rebuilding infrastructure to prevent future events. We immediately rectify fraud with firmness and integrity.

Veritas creates a culture of zero tolerance towards fraud. Contact us to get started with our services.