Corporate Leaders

Undetected fraud continually wreaks havoc on businesses, translating into the loss of revenue and reputation. Corporate leaders rely on Veritas to diligently monitor and protect their business against unnecessary loss.

Corporate Leaders enlist our help to:

  • Evaluate and improve internal controls
  • Assist boards in understanding their fiduciary responsibility
  • Implement internal control software to assist with fraud prevention
  • Quickly and efficiently remediate acts of fraud
  • Implement and monitor Verifi, our anonymous ethics reporting hotline

We are dedicated partners for improving your anti-fraud initiatives and ensuring your hard-earned reputation remains intact.

Fraud Services

Good governance within an organization ensures overall high ethical behavior. Whether your status is public, private, government or nonprofit, leaders are expected to create stable, healthy organizations.

Veritas is your trusted partner for preventing and detecting unethical behavior at your organization. We evaluate internal controls, determine areas for improvement, and implement enhanced processes.

Our team actively manages a reporting hotline, Verifi, for employees to safely and confidentially share unethical behavior they observe. Veritas consistently monitors and updates management on hotline activity, providing recommendations for responses to fraud threats.

We work with groups across a range of industries to strengthen their anti-fraud defenses. If fraud occurs, our response is immediate and vigorous action. Our seasoned professionals discreetly resolve the situation with minimal disruption to your operations.

Contact us to see how our fraud services can help your business.