Fraud Prevention

Prevention is the best weapon against fraud. Veritas Solutions Group diligently monitors and protects your organization against threats of fraud.

HR Managers enlist our help to:

  • Implement and monitor Verifi, our anonymous ethics reporting hotline
  • Conduct employment background screenings
  • Conduct fraud ethics training programs
  • Perform internal-control assessments and audit services to provide enhancements and process improvements

Choosing to proactively combat fraud in the workplace safeguards your business against financial losses and a diminished reputation.

Fraud Prevention

Veritas is an extension of your team for fraud prevention and detection. We work tirelessly to deter unethical behavior in your workplace and promote an anti-fraud culture.

Examples of misconduct that are reported include:

  • Employee theft
  • Misappropriation of company assets
  • Financial crimes such as fraud
  • False expense reimbursements
  • Inappropriate vendor or client arrangements
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Inappropriate disclosure of confidential or proprietary information
  • Company policy violations
  • Ethics violations
  • Falsification of financial records
  • Inappropriate workplace relationships or violence

Employee tips are the primary source of fraud identification, which is why our fraud reporting hotline, Verifi, provides organizations an effective, safe method for employees to share their observations. As a third party provider, we offer an objective, secure outlet for individuals to disclose reports of misconduct.

If an instance of fraud occurs, our certified experts quickly and efficiently resolve the issue with minimal disruption to business operations. We conduct thorough investigations and remediation services to enhance internal controls and deter future occurrences.

Enlist our help today to prevent fraud at your workplace. Contact us to get started.